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About Lenore

Lenore Grubinger, RSMT, CST, BMC, IDME, is the founder of Amajoy®, a healing resource for infants, children, and adults. She created Natural Movement Development™ and wrote her book On the Way to Walking: the Essential Guide to Natural Movement Development™ and made her chart on the reflexes to share the work with families and health practitioners.

For four decades Lenore provided individual sessions and classes locally and internationally. Currently there are no individual sessions or classes being offered.

Who We've Helped

Infants and toddlers, birth to 18 months

Learn gentle ways to help your baby, through holding and play, to increase comfort and develop naturally.


  • Seeking an expert second opinion on what you’ve been told
  • Have digestive discomfort such as gas, reflux, frequent vomiting or colic
  • Prematurity
  • NICU stay
  • Were stressed in-utero or during birth
  • Difficulty nursing or bottling
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Baby doesn’t sleep well
  • Frequently cry and/or arch back
  • Were born with fetal alcohol syndrome

Concerns We’ve Addressed

  • Accident
  • Angel Syndrome
  • Bone Fracture or Break
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Cries being on tummy
  • Developmental Delay
  • ‘Different’ Crawling
  • Digestive Illness
  • Digestive Pain
  • Does not reach with arms
  • Does not roll
  • Down Syndrome
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Fourth-Trimester Care
  • Gene DDX3X
  • High Birth Weight
  • High Tone
  • Hypotonia
  • Inconsolability
  • Injury
  • Insomnia
  • Low Birth Weight
  • Low Tone
  • Noonan Syndrome
  • Nursing Difficulty
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Postnatal Care
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Postsurgical Care
  • Premature birth
  • Presurgical Concerns
  • Reflux
  • Torticollis
  • Trauma
  • Worry

Reflex Chart

Neurodevelopmental Movement Patterns & the Central Nervous System

A unique and valuable assessment tool, the chart aids parents, students, and professionals to understand development.  It can be useful support to movement facilitation and hands-on intervention with children and adults.

Reflexes, Righting Reactions, and Equilibrium Responses from gestation, at birth, and throughout life are illustrated.  All are placed on a timeline showing where they begin and end and are color-coded to the areas in the brain where they are integrated, easy to see and understand at a glance.

Lenore Grubinger, creator of Natural Movement Development™ designed this 4-foot-long chart illustrating over eighty Neurodevelopmental Movement Patterns.

This beautiful chart provides the viewer with a wealth of practical information on reflexes, healthy movement, and the brain.

Your purchase gives you the right to make one reproduction of the six-page PDF document that will be emailed to you after your purchase.

Printing note: be certain to select “fit to page” from your printer choices or it will cut off the bottom of the image.

On The Way To Walking

The Essential Guide to Natural Movement Development™

On the Way to Walking is the book for understanding and helping your baby develop. Increase your enjoyment and decrease worry with these easy step-by-step, photo-by-photo practices.

You’ll learn how to help baby improve nursing, increase weight gain, and have comfortable digestion with less thrusting, arching, and crying. You’ll also learn how to help baby be comfortable in tummy time, to roll naturally, and to crawl. All this through regular care taking and play. This book guides you to make simple, specific play environments to best support your baby’s development.

Based on Ms. Grubinger’s decades of experience successfully helping babies and families to thrive, this special book with its loving tone and gorgeous photos will support your family from birth to walking with ease and joy.

If you wish to purchase 20 or more books, please email us at Amajoy for wholesale pricing information (US orders only).

Reviews of On The Way To Walking

My clients love the book!

I am a psychotherapist who sees a fair number of new mothers, and when I read On The Way To Walking, I was really excited to share it with these clients, many of whom were feeling a bit unsure of themselves in terms of how to navigate these strange new waters of being a mother. This book answers their questions (and questions they didn’t even know they had!) about learning to crawl, sit, stand and walk, as well as dealing with uncomfortable digestion, crying and nursing. It consists of a series of straightforward, easy-to-understand practices accompanied by beautiful photos which guide the parent through every imaginable stage of growth. You can literally open the book to any page and find something applicable. Its tone is very user-friendly and simple to understand, despite the complexity that underlies Infant Developmental Movement. My clients love the book! It has lent a feeling of confidence and increased enjoyment to their parenting experiences. I highly recommend this to any parent, no matter how many children they have already, because there is so much helpful information that most of us have probably never been made aware.

K. Anderson, Psychotherapist

I absolutely love this book

I wish I had this information when my children were young. They would have benefited so much from this developmental approach. Pediatricians these days do not spend much time on growth and development. The information in this book is conveyed in a way that is so easy to apply. Excellent. I recommend it as a gift for new parents and grandparents.

P. Stamm, Anesthesiologist, mother of two

The most important book you will read during your child’s infancy!

This book is a must for every parent and all professionals who work with parents of infants.
Lenore’s deep respect and honor of the profound joy and challenges that parents face to support their child’s development seeps through each and every page. What could be overwhelmingly complex – your child’s step by step movement patterns – unfolds in a crystal clear and do-able manner. The experience of looking through the photographs and reading the pages was relaxing, nurturing and inspiring. I highly recommend this book to parents, family members, professionals working with parents and infants – and photographers, as well! It is sure to be the most valued and beloved gift at many a baby shower!

Mary Triulzi, Social Worker, Early Intervention Specialist, Waldorf educator

Deep understanding and love

This book takes us by the hand, directly! Well structured, told in talking pictures; playful and patient, so comprehensibly written. Through each line there is Lenore’s sound knowledge speaking, her many years experience of supporting families and working with babies, her expertise, humor, deep understanding and love; her felt wisdom of humankind as a child as well as an adult, her trust that we belong to one another through our becoming. You can benefit from “on the way to walking” from where ever you are.

M. Wallinger, Movement and Special Education Teacher

Exciting new parent book!

As a developmental specialist I am thrilled to give Lenore Grubinger’s amazing handbook to parents. “On the Way to Walking” provides an easy way the parent can use practices to support inherent growth possibilities in the brain and body. Photographs make this book an easy guide to assisting little ones wherever they are in their growth. Lenore gently guides and educates, creating lots of fun moments in play for everyone’s benefit. Her revolutionary approach yields resilient children and contented learners. It is a wonderful resource book as well, and can be read in small sections when needed. Overall, I recommend this to anyone spending time with a little one!

Anna Penenberg, Social Worker, Infant Developmental Movement Educator

An excellent book and superb resource regarding a child’s development

An excellent book and superb resource regarding a child’s development regarding movement. Lenore’s approach and guidance are a treasure. The book will become number one on my gift list to expecting families!

D. Lewis, Pharmacist, Nutritionist

Wonderful Book; Practical suggestions, lots of visuals, very articulate information

This wonderfully articulate, easy to read book answers ALL of my questions about a little one’s movement development – including the stuff I hadn’t thought to ask yet, with beautiful photos & simple to follow suggestions. The author’s delivery style is akin to having a conversation over the back yard fence with an encouraging neighbor who happens to be a Developmental Movement Specialist with three decades of experience in the field. Her gentle explanations of a baby’s discoveries, sensory development and rapidly growing abilities supply a deeply gratifying peace-of-mind for a parent or family member who needs a refresher course on baby-ways, or is just sort of winging it as a newbie. The author’s instructions on how best to assist the baby, without trying to “fix” their progressions to keep up with adult expectations is remarkably helpful. It’s already a wonder to witness a child’s new discoveries and abilities, but when you comprehend the underlying connections happening in a baby, and you can participate (either passively or hands on) confidently equipped with the fresh knowledge dispensed in this book, your baby-time becomes even more magical. I love this book.

Belinda Del Pesco, Artist

This book is for all new & expecting parents!

I am so excited to give this book to all my friends who are new or expecting parents! As a midwife, I have been looking for a book that I can recommend to friends & clients with confidence that the information will not overwhelm already sleep deprived parents. On the Way to Walking it a gem. It is exactly what every new parent needs. Not everyone can see Lenore from Amajoy & get her help directly, but now new families can bring her into their homes with this book, and refer back to her wisdom anytime.

Jennifer A. Hydefrost, Midwife, Doula, Parent educator

Baby’s Great Adventure

Wise, sensible, readable, and––even if you don’t read a single word––the photos themselves are a joy. I wish I had had this companion when I was raising my sons. Fortunately, I had enough wise people around me and enough pure dumb luck to raise them when there wasn’t all this equipment being foisted on parents, so I did do some of these things anyway, and I can vouch for the basic premise of the book experientially––and be very happy to recommend it for all parents and their babies at a time when its message is becoming more and more important. The message is that Natural Movement is the (right) Way To Walking because of all the developmental steps and stages, all the neurological connections and physical reflexes that Baby was designed to refine on this beautiful, interlocking pathway. It’s a great adventure story and a useful reference book!

JJ, Editor, Community Activist

A user-friendly book with the power to help children to be healthier and happier

This is an essential read for parents of young children. Its a user-friendly book that has the power to help children be healthier and happier, and to positively impact the lives of parents.

Fool on the Hill, Dance and Music Teacher for Children

A great book with lots of fun things to try with your baby, presented in a flexible and non-judgmental way

This book is an excellent addition to every parenting library. With instructive pictures and specific exercises and advice, I loved On The Way To Walking. I was given this book as a gift from a friend who helped her child ‘on his way to walking’. She highly recommended the system to me and I’m very glad she did. My daughter was 2 months old when we started using the principles in this book and it is wonderful to see her enjoying improving her skills and doing so well. Some of the features of this book I liked:
-100’s of great color pictures of babies in the various positions described in the book. These were a real help in understanding what the baby postures looked like and how different babies handled various developmental steps. The babies in the pictures were also really cute so that contributed to the experience of going through the book. It was helpful to get such an intimate look at the lives of the example families to see how they set up their tummy time space, and how their little ones looked at different ages.
-Also, one series of photos deserves special mention. It showed the many developmental stages on the way to walking from lying on the back and belly shortly after birth to resting on the forearms in belly time to pushing from side-leaning to sitting, to pulling up to standing and toddling away. These pictures break down the stages clearly and help me identify them in my child way better than an idealized drawing would.
-Specific ideas for how to encourage your child to develop the movement skills that bring them closer to being able to stand and walk on their own and develop solid movement skills. The author provided exercises, some of which were more specific directions (e.g., hold your child’s legs like this when she attempts to kneel) and some were ideas for how to create a setting for your child to explore certain skills (e.g., when your child attempts to roll, allowing her to try it herself through a bit–though not too much- frustration).
-Specific suggestions for how to create a physical space for your child to work on her skills. The author provides ideas for how to create a good space for your child to try and enjoy tummy time, and what alternatives to use when your child is fussy and not happy to try the traditional postures (mine loved tummy-to-tummy time when fussy).
-Ways to help your child calm herself using the baby ball position.
Overall a great book with lots of fun things to try with your child presented in a flexible and non-judgmental way.

Busy Tummy-To-Tummy Mummy

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